Enabling LagrangianParticleTracker filter from Cmake build

Hey all,

I’m trying to build a ParaView with the LagrangianParticleTracker filter but I am unsure on the build parameters. Currently I am building following the repository guide with this code below:


I have (I believe) sucessfully built 5.9.0 and 5.8.0 with additional filters compared to the pre-complied downloads available from ParaView downloads. I used the -DPARAVIEW_BUILD_TESTING=ON parameter based on a LagrangianParticleTracker Example in this forum.

I presume I require additional build parameters but I unsure what. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Operating System: ElementaryOS/Linux (Similar structure to Ubuntu)

Well, you need to make sure the plugin is activated in cmake, PARAVIEW_PLUGIN_ENABLE_LagrangianParticleTracker

It should be enabled by default though.

Hey Mathieu,

Thank you very much for answering and your reply helped solve my issue.

I made two mistakes; firstly not reading the documentation carefully and secondly not understanding the Lagrangian Particle Tracker is a plugin which presents as a filter.

Firstly, knowing filters are plugins, it would have directed me to the docs for the cmake build parameter code you supplied - docs for reference.

Secondly, adding to my initial mistake not understanding plugins presenting as filters, I had to enter the Tools > Manage Plugins... to specifically enable the LagrangianParticleTracker which was present in my cmake version and the pre-complied ParaView versions available from ParaView downloads.

Apologies for my lack of understanding, my problem is now resolved. Thank you!

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