Error: Connection to simulation has been dropped

Hi, I am a new in-situ visualization learner.
So I try the basic Catalyst function, click connect under catalyst menu (to port 22222)
However, whatever I create under catalyst, sphere for example, there’s always error appear
Warning: In vtkLiveInsituLink.cxx, line 1207
vtkLiveInsituLink (0x7fee50003800): Connection to simulation has been dropped!!!
And the result I got under buildin shows
Data cannot be shown in the preferred view!!

The version of ParaView I use is 5.11.0, and run on both Linux and Windows environment.
I didn’t found any similar problem, maybe I miss something basic?

Very appreciate if someone can help me here.

Hello @zauser519 and thanks for trying Catalyst!

You should probably start with How to try out Catalyst2 guide where you can find some explanation and tutorial to start with catalyst.

If you still encounter some difficulties, please share more informations about the simulation you are connecting at, and the script you are using.