Error reading large VTK files in the Windows version

Thank you Todd!

Here is a fresh 6 day link:

Hi @vmajor

A type conversion error is happening in the XML parser when the byte count passes 2^31 on Windows which results in a negative byte index. Here’s a quick and dirty fix for you to use, assuming you can do a local build, while a more rigorous solution is worked out. It won’t get you past the 4Gb file size limit on Windows but it will load past the 2Gb point. I hope that helps.

vtkTypeInt64 vtkXMLParser::GetXMLByteIndex()
  XML_Parser parser = static_cast<XML_Parser>(this->Parser);
#ifdef _WIN32
  unsigned long result = XML_GetCurrentByteIndex(parser);
  return result;
  return XML_GetCurrentByteIndex(parser);
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