Export custom color palette

I think it could be nice to have an “Export palette” option to save custom color palette.

I often use a lot of states, for generating blog / article illustrations or for debugging a filter. Unfortunately, as I have a dark-themed ParaView, I have to switch to white background to generate illustrations and doing so I loose my custom dark color palette. In addition, I loose this palette whenever I load a state corresponding to such use case too (except if I kill ParaView not properly).

I am not sure how to address the fact that loading a state and then closing ParaView may break my carefully tuned theme, but I would like a way to export it so I can recover my custom color palette when needed. Something similar to exporting a colormap but for the palette would be great.

@nicolas.vuaille @mwestphal @cory.quammen


I actually like this idea. Maybe we could create one more palette, turned off by default, called something like custom?

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