Export Surface LIC view

Dear everyone,
I am trying to export a 2d slice of a field as an .x3d file. It works wonderfully for basically every variable that I need with the Surface LIC as only exception. As far as I understood there is no way to export a representation, only variables.

However since I only need the 2d slice, an answer has been given in the following thread.

I was wondering if there is a way, from a slice to use vtkImageDataLIC2D and vtkStructuredGridLIC2D to come to the same results, which would be the export as an x3d file.

Now I just use ExportView(file,view=RenderView) for all the other variables, it would be nice to convert the SurfaceLIC to something processable by ExportView instead of a representation

Thanks a lot in advance

I’m afraid only screenshots of LIC rendering are supported, as this is a shader based representation.