Surface LIC Representation - Exporting

I have a velocity vector field in 3D space. I loaded the Surface LIC plugin and I am plotting the velocity field using the Surface LIC representation. I was wondering whether I may be able to export the LIC data and plot it elsewhere, for instance in Matlab? I tried saving it / exporting it directly as a .csv, but instead of exporting the LIC, it’d export the velocity “magnitude” as a scalar (EinLustigerSkalar). I am not sure whether the LIC may be exported since it is a Representation, but was wondering whether there is anyway I can actually get access to and then export the numerical values corresponsding to the LIC to plot them elsewhere? Thanks!

I am afraid not. The SurfaceLIC is computed while rendering the surface and there no way to export that from ParaView.

If you’re applying LIC to a 2D image data or structured grid, it is possible to directly use VTK to generate the LIC as dataset that you can then export. See examples/tests for vtkImageDataLIC2D and vtkStructuredGridLIC2D.