Exporting animations from Paraview to Blender in gltf or x3d format

Good Day,
I have created the Paraview simulation from the data from I got from Ansys.

Since I am learning Paraview, I have managed to generate a streamline representation with the tube filter and animated the length of the streamline using the Animation window.

The “export scene” option is only exporting the mesh and its color data. I want to know what is the procedure to export the animation and view it in Blender.

The End goal is to take the visualization into Unity engine.

p.s : I don’t know python coding so I can’t really use the VTK for Blender also.

Export scene does not support to export animated scene yet.

A new “Export Animated Scene” feature has been added in master, however it only supports .vtkjs format and not glTF (yet).

Which format does unity engine support ?

Unity’s best format is fbx, But If I can import the animations and the meshes from Paraview to Blender, Then I think I will be able to manage the next steps, The Blender formats that are good are obj, vrml, x3d, stl.

You will need to export your scene one by one in the current state of things.

Expanding the new “Animated Scene” feature to support these format would make sense though, if you are interested, see here:

I went through the link that you’ve shared, But it has the details about how the feature additions and the fixes are reviewed…I doesn’t talk about my problem or any solutions…Am I missing something?

You are looking for a feature that has not been implemented yet.

I provided a work around (saving the scene for each timesteps manually) but it is not really practical.

If you or your company is interested by this missing feature, please contribute to it either by funding it or implementing the feature.

By this, You mean’t to export the mesh at each time step and make it as an animation in Blender or Unity…And on the Contribution, I’ll try what I can do.

Yes, this is what I mean.

Anyways thanks for your help…

To get a solution into Unity we export each time step as a vrml and load them all in. It’s a bit of effort and a custom one for each solution :slight_smile:

Exporting each time steps as a vrml file and swapping them is a performance costing step…Even though the efforts spent on it so large, They won’t work as expected in mobile devices. I am trying to setup the blender vtk and try to do the post processing in blender itself.

VTK 9.0 added vtkGLTFExporter to export gtlf files which is a big breakthrough. Is there news about how to use VTK to export animated gltf files?

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I’m afraid not. This would require dedicated funding:

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