Exporting from ParaView to Abaqus or Ansys

I have an Unstructured Grid *.vtk file that contains points and cells data and attributes. With hexaheral dominant mesh. I’m trying to perform some initial mechanical analysis in either ABAQUS or Ansys. I tried using MATLAB as an intermediate step but all I could do is to export the points and use them for triangulation, which isn’t very helpful. I also tried DREAM.3D but faced many difficulties getting any output from it.
I’m quite new to all of these packages, other than Matlab, and all the information I could find was about exporting geometries from Ansys to Paraview, opposite to what I’m trying to do.

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You can save your data as a .stl file in ParaView, which should be readable in Ansys.

Hi @mwestphal,
Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to do this with a volumetric mesh? I’m only getting the .stl if I extract surface.


You will have to check with Ansys in order to know the volumetric format they support.

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