extracting a cell info or a node info while using adaptive mesh refinmeent


I am trying to extract the info from a cell from a fracture analysis that have adaptive mesh refinement in it during a certain amount of time in a transient analysis.
At the start the meshes are coarse and when I select a cell with the cell locator (at a certain location of sample) and then play the rest of the analysis, the cell locator jumps from the original location and it won’t show the results from the desired selected location as the mesh refinement occur. Is there any trick or option there to fix the location of the result that we want to extract so that when mesh refinement ocuurs I still see the results from the same location but not a random location?

That’s a tricky one. AFAIK, unless the original data has some cell data array that can be treated as a global id, I am not sure how this can be done.

@berkgeveci , any ideas?

So I suppose this is a bug in paraview and it cannot dealt with? since nobody has answered this question?