Feature-based Clustering with TTK in ParaView: A free Kitware webinar

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This webinar will happen March 9 and be focused on feature based clustering for scalar field analysis. Persistent homology is a method used in Topological Data Analysis to quantify the robustness of features across different scales. Using the Topology ToolKit plugin in ParaView, we demonstrate how to classify images using clustering methods relying a persistent homology based descriptor.

During this up to 30 minutes session, you will be able to follow our explanations and hands-on demonstrations. You will also be able to interact with the presenter via the chat to ask questions or precisions.

It will happen on March 9, at 10am, GMT+1 (Paris Time).

You can register using this form to make sure you do not miss any update : https://forms.gle/WP2AWRStzYHhxxcp7.

Please join us at : Feature-based Clustering with TTK in ParaView on Vimeo.
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The webinar has been postponed to March 9 for technical reasons.

The webinar start very soon !