Feature idea: jump-to-property search mode in Properties panel

I use the search box in the Properties panel all the time. However, I often want to find not just the property I’m looking for, but related properties I might want to change. Often, these properties are grouped physically close together.

Thoughts on adding a search mode that jumps to the first item that matches the search expression in the Properties panel? We could retain the current behavior as default, and add a setting to enable the jump-to-property mode.


I don’t use search at all. Just my method of using ParaView.

Having said that, what you propose sounds like additional complexity, and another “hidden” function that no one would know about, unless it was advertised in a help bubble…

We could change the search mode to behave more like search in a text editor. Instead of removing all items that don’t match the search, highlight the matches and scroll the panel to the next match. Provide previous/next buttons to different matches.


Ken, now THAT makes a lot of sense. Whenever I do use search, it’s because I can’t find something I know is there. I want to know WHERE it is, not just a shortcut to it…

Ken, I like that idea much better than my original idea. It’s a chance to learn the layout of the properties.

Now for some details. When advanced properties are on, it’s clear how that should work. When showing only non-advanced properties, it’s a little less clear. Right now, if you don’t have advanced properties enabled, when you use the search bar, any property, whether it’s advanced or not, will show up in search results. I think we want to keep that behavior. What does that look like with Ken’s idea? Do we show advanced properties that match the search pattern amidst the non-advanced properties?

In “Search”, we currently have “Search - use Esc to clear text”. How about changing to “Search - turn on Advanced to search all items”. Esc is pretty obvious…

I agree that the advanced options issue is clunky. Maybe there could be a visual indication, such as a different shade of background, to indicate advanced properties that normally would not be seen.

Different shades in the search bar if you are advanced, or you see all items (advanced and standard), with different colors?

I meant that if you type in the search bar in non-advanced mode, the advanced would appear in a different shade. If you were already in advanced mode, there probably would be no change in that respect.

I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I’m just throwing stuff out.