Filters and tools showing the values of only the current field by default


currently, filters such as “Plot Over Line” or “Probe Location” and tools like “Hover Points On” display the values of all fields:

And it’s necessary to deselect all the fields and select just the desired one each time after applying the filter. For the “Hover Points On” tool, it’s even worse since there’s no option to remove the redundant outputs. I think that it would be much better to make the filters and tools display the values of only the current field (“Stress zz component” in this case) by default. Also when the current field is the one created for example with the Calculator filter (and named “Result”).

Hi @FEngineer ,

There is no concept of “current field” in the pipeline, only the “displayed field” in the representation, so I dont think that can work.


Maybe ParaView could detect what is currently displayed in viewport = selected here:


And then adjust the settings of the filters/tools to display only this field by default.

This could possibly make sens as a new XML Domain I think.