Free Webinar : Introduction to LidarView

Ready to join us on LidarView Introduction Webinar ?

LiDAR ( Light Detection and Ranging) sensors provide dense and accurate distance measurements of the world around. It is becoming more and more popular and affordable. As a result, they are now getting used in various fields of applications : Automotive, Robotics, Agriculture, Surveying…

LidarView is the open source ParaView based application for capturing, visualizing and processing LiDAR data. It handles sensors from multiple vendors.
In this webinar, we will introduce its main functionalities regarding the handling of live streams versus replay data and some of the specificities it has compared to ParaView.

We will host a webinar showcasing its main functionalities as a LiDAR sensor player / recorder and show a glimpse of what it offers in terms of point cloud processing (including shape fitting, SLAM and fusion with camera data)

It will happen on Tuesday, April 30th, 2024, 9h30am CET

Link to the LinkedIn event
Link to the stream