Get field data at locations based on point data

I have DEM (or LPT) simulation data as point data. I also have the underlying fluid data in field. I want to get values from the fluid where the particles resides (point locations). I would like to use the ProgrammableFilter but not sure how to do it.

To be more specific, I have shearStress field data (tensor) and I want to get the values of magnitude of shearStress at the positions of the particles (point data). I followed the example of subtracting two datasets as mentioned here, but it is returning weird results (lots of column values in a single row).

Just use RessampleWithDataset

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Oh, how can I be so stupid! I knew this but used it the opposite way earlier :roll_eyes:

The correct way to apply in this case is: RessampleWithDataset > Source data Arrays: cellData; Destination Mesh: pointData with the options Pass Field Arrays & Pass Point Arrays enabled.

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