Grouping of saved statefiles

Hello everyone,

I am sorry if this is not a paraview but an Ubuntu problem. I searched for an Ubuntu solution, but could only find solutions to other problems.

When I want to load my statefiles my searching order is ignored for all the files that are hidden into groups. Theses groups make no sense and make it harder to find my files. Is this a paraview problem? How can I fix it?

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Avoid naming your files like that:


In any case, this is an issue which is visible here:

Thanks for your very fast reply.

Sadly our naming convention has the date in it. And even if I don’t use the convention my state files like my cases differ by numbers like for velocity or power. I try to rename everything when it was grouped but this happens way to often.

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That should be a fairly simple fix, do not hesitate to contribute if you can or see this:

Sadly I am not capable of contributing myself, nor do I have project budget for this. If I find a way to add budget for paid professional services in our next scientific projects I will do so. But I can’t promise anything.

Terry, If you look at the bug report I posted, LANL and Sandia both have funded this. Note that priority is not high, as other issues are higher on our priority list.