GUI creation

happy to join in group. I am excited with paraview features. I would like to explore more about it. I am trying custom gui by python. like, Tkinter.
but unfortunately paraview doesn’t have tkinter module. is there any possible way to create our own interactive window?


That sound like a Python View, which supports matplotlib (but not Tkinter).
See here :

Thanks Mathieu Westphal,
but still I couldn’t able to create GUI. can you give some examples to create buttons and labels


I am trying to create new menu in paraview. and add labels and buttons.
I tried in xml also. but not getting required result

You will have to be more precise.
In any case, here is the general doc.

Dear Mathieu Westphal,

Thanks for write back. I am in need of your valuable support
I attached sample picture for GUI what I need.

1)I need to add new window–> in that buttons, text
2) when I press button respective python function should run


do you want to develop in Python or C++ ?

any language is fine for me.

now I am writing all codes in python. if it possible C++ I will change all code into C++ also. now Creating GUI is important.

Do you want this to work with the release version of ParaView or do you (and all other users that will use your plugin) build ParaView themselves ?

I want to built in paraview itself. if it is possible in plugin that also fine.
my aim is to create window and number of buttons,
each buttons represents some script action.
whatever method is fine for me.

I would recommend creating a Dock Widget plugin.

See DockWidget example in /paraview/Examples/Plugins/

do you mean in application path?
but I couldn’t able to find plugin with in examples. I attached the screenshots

You are not building ParaView but you are using the release. Do you really want to build (as in “Compile the source of”) ParaView ?

I am beginner to paraview. I am trying to switch post processing tool from other to paraview.
I am not sure about building. I am finding easiest way to achieve the requirement.
by using python I achieved many functions.
now window creation is getting problem.
if it is possible to use in release version, that also fine.
if I need to build, need some guidance that how to do.

Ok, the most easy way for you maybe to do it in Python.

  • Open ParaView
  • View -> PythonShell
  • Write the code to create the window, the button and all, in a python script
  • Load the script in the python shell

looks great! I tried this only.
but I couldn’t able to create window. because, I couldn’t able to find gui creation modules in paraview python.
normally I will use tkinter module to create window in python. this is not available.

You can use PythonQt.

I tried PythonQt. this module also showing error.
I attached the image below

Indeed, in this case you may need to build ParaView yourself and use C++ plugins.