Haptic feedback and vibrations

has everyone managed to look into using haptic feedback for paraview VR simulations? I would like to see if it was possible at all and what site research is needed to implement it into simulations>


This was considered in the context of XRInterface (Virtual Reality) Plugin: Menu Redesign but left as out of scope for now.

It should not be too hard to do has openxr has everything needed, but careful VR UI/UX design ideas needs to be considered.

Many people may be interested if you look into it:

@Scott_Wittenburg @cory.quammen @Lucas_Givord @LucasGandel @tgalland

The CAVEIntegration plugin may offer a fairly quick path forward for integrating haptics. It can use VRPN for interfacing with input devices. Right now that is mostly one-way from device to the plugin to ParaView, but it might not be that hard to add support for going the other direction.