help/about causes segmentation fault

currently, I’m running the latest 5.12.0 in client/server setup. After connecting the client to the server. if I click help/about to see details, it abruptly closes the session and in the server, it says segmentation fault.

client in Windows 11, server in Ubuntu 23.10

Screenshot 2024-02-26 092910

Screenshot 2024-02-26 092945

Are you using the official binary release on both sides ?

Yes, i have installed latest 5.12.0 in windows & in ubuntu server i used headless binary

5.12.0 is not out yet, are you using RC2 ?

There is an issue with osmesa currently, maybe it is this specific issue:

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ahh! might be. I’ll use 5.11 then and check

Alternatively, you can always try 5.12.0-RC3. Be sure to use this on both client and server.

I have seen this before when the server side Python is bad or mismatched. Everything runs fine until you do a Help/About (or Programmable filter or somesuch). Help/About loads the server side Python, which then crashes.

its happening in 5.12.0-RC3

Is there any log stored about the crash so that I can debug it

YOU create the log. You state you are remote server, I assume running pvserver in parallel. How do you launch the parallel job? If its qsub, there are arguments to write output and errors to files.

If I had do speculate on a possible cause of your problem, are you setting PYTHONPATH? This may be overriding the default in the Kitware build. Other than that, I have no idea…


Please check if this is the issue I linked above, related to glibc version.

Simple check to see if you are affected by this issue, just run:


If it says anything above 2.35, you are most likely affected.


may be yes, i’m on 2.38

It’s happening in 5.11 too. What should I change?

How to use superbuild to build the paraview, I couldn’t find steps anywhere


This is not as trivial as using the EGL release that woks out of the box.

What all flags i need to pass if I need a headless Osmesa setup in my ubuntu without any errors while building

In after cloning how to build, the steps are missing(I’m new to cmake)