Help creating a custom PythonView


I want to create a duplicate of the PythonView for my application so that I can modify the properties of the script via the XML and the default_values for the script property.

I have followed the thread


I managed to reproduce the example by Mathieu Westphal and duplicate the render view to obtain a RenderView 2. Then I applied the same procedure to duplicate the PythonView, however, when I add it to ParaView it complains by saying:

Cannot locate the pqView for the view proxy of type “MyPythonView”

I couldn’t manage to get past this point. I’m attaching my implementation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


vtkMyPythonView.cxx (309 Bytes)
MyPythonView.xml (3.3 KB)
CMakeLists.txt (834 Bytes)
vtkMyPythonView.h (849 Bytes)

I’ve managed to solve this issue. I’m posting here my solution for further reference. (6.0 KB)