Help with Rotational Extrusion

Hello all,

I must be doing something wrong with the Rotational Extrusion filter. I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction. I am using Paraview 5.5.2 on Linux.

My input data is a VTK file with 2d data organized in x and y and one unit deep in z. The y-axis of the input data is the axis which I would like to rotate around.

My workflow is:
1 [vtk file] -> type unstructured grid
2 Transform -> Rotate 90 on x axis so that the axis of symmetry is now the z-axis. Output data type is unstructured grid.
3 ExtractSurface -> output data type is Polygonal mesh
4 RotationalExtrusion (resolution 12, angle 270, no capping angle) - output is polygonal mesh with 0 cells.

If I try RotationalExtrusion (resolution 12, angle 270, capping angle) - just generates the capping faces but no rotational extrusion between them.

Clearly I’m doing something wrong. I suspect that my error lies in the Extract Surface step. In this step I currently use the default settings (piece invarient, 1 level). Perhaps the fact that my input data set is one unit deep on the original z axis (before translation) is the reason? The output data from this step also looks like it is one unit deep rather than being a 2d surface.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.



I was able to fix my issue by using the slice filter in place of the ExtractSurface filter. Hopefully this will help others.


One further question.

Here’s what I am trying to do: I ran a simulation using radial symmetry. I’m analyzing the results and wanted to integrate several result quantities. My thought process was that I would extrude the 2d simulation results to create a cylinder volume, and the integrate the variables that I wanted across that cylindrical volume.

I realize now that the rotational extrusion generates a surface, not a volume.

Are there other approaches to get to what I was trying to do? That is, taking a 2d data set that represents a cross section of a cylinder and using this to calculate what the volumetric integration of those quantities would look like?

Thank you in advance,