Histogram Custom Bin Size


I am currently plotting a histogram (using the histogram filter) on a dataset that ranges from 0 to 1.
When I select a number of bins (i.e 10 bins), the histogram displays correctly. I also have access to a spreadsheet view that provides the bin_extents and the bin_values.

However, my end goal is to export a table that tells me exactly the number of cells that are between 0 and 0.1…0.1 and 0.2…0.2 and 0.3…0.3 and 0.4… and so on until 1.

How can I achieve this? (I was trying to play with the custom bin range, but I was not able to properly use it).

I appreciate any help.

You mean like this:

  • ParaView 5.7.0, builtin server, Linux
  • File/ Open/ Examples/ disk_out_ref.exo. Apply.
  • Filters/ Data Analysis/ Histogram. Chose GlobalNodeId. Apply.
  • File/ Save Data/ save as .csv file.
    You will get 10 rows of the midpoint of the data, and the bin count.

I currently have ParaView 5.6.0 64bit.
I tried the steps you mentioned. However, after selecting Histogram, I was not able to find GlobalNodeld.

My intention is to find the exact number of samples that are greater or equal to 0.1. Therefore, I would like to have control over the bin size ranging from 0-0.1 , 0.1-0.2 , etc.

Thanks again for any help.

It looks like this question got re-asked at Histogram Bin Width. I placed a reply there.