how can I use paraview on another computer, logged in with ssh?


I make some calculations on a computer, which is far away.
I am logged in there with ssh and x-forwarding.
Starting e.g. “xterm” on the far-away computer, it works.

I want to do the visualization of the data on the far away computer
without transporting the data to my local computer before.

If I just call it with
it crashes.

Is there a way to do it with logged in on the far away computer with

Regards, Astrid

ParaView is not intended to work with ssh -X but there is a client / server mechanism. You can run a pvserver on the distant machine and then connect to it via your local ParaView.
File / Connect, then setup a new server connection.

If you want more integration, see this full explanation : Using SSH Support to secure your client/server communication with ParaView


The full explanation reads for me very complicated…

I tried this: login on far away computer, give there the
I let the window open

The on my local computer, where local paraview is
working, I do with file/connect and give the name
of far away computer and port 11111.

But it tells me:

OpenGL drivers on the server side don’t support
required OpenGL features for basic rendering.
Remote rendering will be disabled.OpenGL Vendor: Information Unavailable
OpenGL Version: Information Unavailable
OpenGL Renderer: Information Unavailable

:GetOGVSupport was deprecated for ParaView 5.5 and will be removed in a future version.
:GetAVISupport was deprecated for ParaView 5.5 and will be removed in a future version.
Unable to find a valid OpenGL 3.2 or later implementation. Please update your video card driver to the latest version. If you are using Mesa please make sure you have version 11.2 or later and make sure your driver in Mesa supports OpenGL 3.2 such as llvmpipe or openswr. If you are on windows and using Microsoft remote desktop note that it only supports OpenGL 3.2 with nvidia quadro cards. You can use other remoting software such as nomachine to avoid this issue.

The lines after
Unable to find a valid OpenGL 3.2 or later implementation
are the same, if I logged in with ssh -X on far away computer
and try to start paraview there.

Did I something wrong with pvserver?

Regards, Astrid

I got confused by the many error messages and stopped all.
But now good news: if you ignore all error-messages, it will works
anyway. :slight_smile:

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