How to analyse OpenFOAM data with ParaView: A community contributed 25min video tutorial.

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a Paraview Tutorial video:

I’m looking forward to your feedback!




Spectacular. Thanks for posting!

By the way, instead of flipping between 2d and 3d, try moving your object with the key and mouse button.


Hi Walter,

thanks a lot for the compliment!!!
I’m really glad you liked it :slight_smile:
Ah, I prefer the 2D because it takes away the perspective, but indeed for a plane that’s not necessary :slight_smile:

Our compliments & thanks on Paraview in general as well:
it’s an incredibly powerful & well-written programme.

Best regards,

Nice @wouterremmerie ! I’ve edited your post name so discourse uses know what this is about.
I would suggest to edit your video name on youtube as well to be more descriptive.

Thanks Mathieu!
I’ve changed the name of the video on YouTube as you suggested :slight_smile:

By the way, with regards to LIC,

Ah, that would be good, to have it in there by default!
Thx for the link