How to displace by time(t) - time(0)

To visualize a displacement field from a simulation run with its initial non-zero, spatially-varying displacement field subtracted off. Essentially, at every element I want [displacement(t) – displacement(t0)].

Solution - Example

  • Read in can. Turned off displacements. All variables on. Apply.
  • Force time filter. Use time 0. Apply.
  • Highlight can and Force Time filter.
    Note - Check to see if you have a successful calculation. Look in the Information tab for your variable. If it isn’t found, check the spelling of your displacement variable. Also, try adding an underline after the variable name, such as DISPL_
  • Python Calculator filter. Output to DISPL_NET. Add inputs[1].PointData[‘DISPL’]-inputs[0].PointData[‘DISPL’] as equation. Apply.
  • Warp by Vector filter. DISPL_NET. Apply.

Note that inputs[0] and inputs[1] may be reversed.

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