How to integrate INS, GPS and SLAM for Lidar

I saw on a post in 2022 that the integration on all of these things is still a work in progress. I wanted to know if it’s done and if it is how do I go about implementing it?

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Hi @Shane_Holmes ,

Our SLAM Library is integrated in LidarView and in ROS. Note: it can also be called from an external software following the actions done on those wrappers.

Odometry, INS, GNSS, and IMU measurement can be integrated in it, and in particular their usage in LidarView is documented here.

For a higher view, I would advise checking out this blogpost that resumes the capabilities of the SLAM, including external sensor use, loop closure handling, calibration tools and insights on the limitations.

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thank you!

Reading through the documents you gave me, it looks like I would collect the sensor data from like an IMU and GPS and then store them in a CSV file, and then I would set up a configuration file
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The calibration file must lay in the same directory as the CSV file and must be named calibration_external_sensor.mat. This calibration file must contain the 4x4 calibration matrix representing the transform from external poses sensor to Base frame (i.e. the tracked frame)."

When I am able to I will perform some tests to fuse the GNSS, IMU, and SLAM and see what I get.

Hello, I was hoping to get some more instructions about actually uploading IMU data to LidarView as a trajectory.

I have my drone’s IMU data saved as a .csv file. How exactly do I need to format this IMU data in order to incorporate it into LidarView’s SLAM?

The instructions to read the data are similar to the ones described in this post, but with accelerations and angular velocities instead of positions / orientations.
This means, we need relative calibration, time synchronization and expected formatting.

Typical data should look like this

Usage is also similar, we need to give it a weight in the SLAM and you may use ‘Optimize Graph with IMU’ for post processing. But we also need to to set the gravity vector ( by default 0,0,-9.80511 ) if the data is containing it.

Hope this helps.