How to minimize the gap between FeatureEdges (in boundary setting) and the polygonal shape?


this is basically a follow-up question from this question about how to get the outline of my shape consisting of several polygons. But my current problem relates only to the Feature Edge function (documentation here) and the gap it creates between the feature and the produced edge, so I think it is worth opening up a new question.

The outline of my polygonal shape created with the Feature Edge function (pink), with only the Boundary Edges turned on, and my 2D polygonal shape (red) show several gaps (see below) and I am wondering, how/if I can minimize these gaps.

The red shape was created by using the Calculator function (coordsX*iHat + coordsY*jHat) on 3D vtk data and then the Delauny2D filter (black dots).

Thanks a lot!