How to slice with Cone surface or Revolution shape

Hi everyone,

I mainly use ensight to analyze my computation results. (CFD results).

I don’t have access to Ensight anymore, so I have to use paraview. I don’t know Paraview very well. Let’s say I’m a beginner.

To measure the massflow rate through different holes, I have to slice with a cone type surface and a revolution type surface.

This type of surface exists in ensight (cone, frustum, revolution) but I didn’t find this possibility in paraview. I didn’t find any information on the internet either.

Could you tell me how to make a cut with this kind of slice type : cone, frustum and revolution ?

In advance, thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome to ParaView, @Haris!

The Slice filter has several Slice Types (Plane, Box, Sphere, Cylinder), but not the types you mention. A cone and perhaps frustum function could be added without too much trouble. Surface of revolution may not quite fit in the Slice filter framework.

As a workaround, you can resample datasets onto arbitrary surfaces using the Resample With Dataset filter. First, you’ll need to create the cone, frustum, or revolution surface. The cone can be created with the Cone source in the sources menu. Place the cone by altering the cone parameters. Second, create the Resample With Dataset filter. When you create it, you will have to set its two inputs. “Source Data Arrays” is the dataset that should be resampled onto the cone, and “Destination Mesh” should be the cone.


Hi Corry !

First of all, thank you for your (quick) reply ! :+1:

Here are my answers to your proposal:

1/ The Resample With Dataset feature doesn’t work on my case. See the picture attached

2/ I’m not sure Resample With Dataset answers my problem. Let me explain:

  • The result of Resample With Dataset gives me a new 3D solution
  • I’m only interested in the intersection of a cone and my 3D solution
  • I would only like to do the projection on the outer surface of the cone. (no projection in the volume of the cone)

Indeed, you have identified some problems with sampling on a cone that is coarsely tessellated from the apex to the base. There are some subdivision filters in ParaView to refine the coarseness, but they don’t provide an even refinement from apex to base. A tessellation property would need be added to support this.

Better yet would be to fully implement a cone as a “Slice Type” in the Slice filter. Please feel free to add a feature request at the ParaView issue tracker:

Hi Cory,

thanks for your reply

A feature request has been added. Here is the link to the request :

Are there any updates about the feature request? On the posted link there is no due date or people assigned to it. Will it be ever implemented in Paraview?

I’m afraid not, but this feature is open for funding, see here for more info:

Unfortunately I’m currently working in a really small company. I do not think we have resources to fund this feature.

I’m not sure if anyone has brought this up in this thread, but the Slice filter works (in principle) by creating a point field that is negative on one side of the slicing surface, positive on the other side, and 0 on the slicing surface itself. It then uses a Contour to do the actual slice. So, if you can describe such a field using the Calculator (or some other similar filter), you could then create the slice. You would not have the nice 3D widget for the built-in slice surfaces, but it could be a quick fix.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, you made my day!