How to switch left and right image in Crystaleyes Stereo 3D Visualization?

For stereo 3D visualization (using Crystaleyes), is there an easy way to switch the left and right images? Frequently, when starting Crystaleyes, the left and right images would be reversed. The only way we have found to correct this is to end the session and restart Crystaleyes. Is this the only way to correct the reversal of the images?

I usually invert it in the nvidia driver settings. There is no ParaView settings for that.

Hi Mathieu,

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Do you have further questions for Mathieu on this issue?



Hi Mathieu,

My technical engineer, Brian Anderson, has a more precise question on this topic. Could you please respond to this email?

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Hi Mathieu,

While inverting in the Nvidia driver is a workaround, it is quite cumbersome since we expect to have to perform this swap relatively often. This is especially true if we are using ParaView for demonstrations since we don’t want to have to interrupt a demo to show the audience the Nvidia control panel before continuing. Many other stereoscopic-enabled applications have quick access to an eye-swap via a keyboard shortcut, so I would like to ask if it is possible to add such a feature to an upcoming version of ParaView. It would be very helpful to our use case.

Thank you for your help in this matter!

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Hi Martin & Brian,

What is strange to me is that this need to be changed often.
My experience was that this was needed to be set up only once.

That being said, maybe this is related to a specific GPU or driver we did not test with.
Adding a setting to change that directly in ParaView would definitelly make sense, but would not be a trivial task.

I would suggest opening an issue on our gitlab and then contribute to it if you’re interested : How are features and bug fixes incorporated into ParaView?