How to view the data restrict to certain x range


Previously we’ve been able to solve “How to view the data restrict to one domain”, now I wonder if we can view the data restrict to certain x range, as the part circled out is not desired, I am thinking if I can restrict the x range for this particular variable from 20<= x < 39.5 (it is 20<= x <= 40 shown in the picture), then this vertical line can be erased.


On the Properties panel, check Bottom Axis Use Custom Range and then specify the range of interest.


Hi Utkarsh, I am aware of this, the question is I need to display 0-60 for other variables. It seems that I cannot use custom range for particular single one variable.

Create a filter to threadshold/clip/subset (whatever is applicable) off the extra bits then show both the results of this filter and the original data in the same chart view selecting the appropriate data arrays.

Yes, that works, thank you!