How to view the data restrict to one domain

Hi all,

I am using PlotOverLine in ParaView to visualize my data from variable u and v. In my 1-D simulation u and v have some value through whole domain, but actually for my problem u is only valid in domain 1 (0<x<1) and v is only valid in domain 2 (1<x<2).

Can we get rid of (or say, hidden) the data I don’t like here? e.g., u only shows its curve from 0 to 1 and v only shows its curve from 1 to 2.

If I try the following:
Generate two PlotOverLine;
In the 1st I choose to show u from coordinate (0 0 0) to (1 0 0);
In the 2nd I choose to show v from coordinate (1 0 0) to (2 0 0).

It will actually give me v plot from 0 to 1, not 1 to 2.

I have figured it out by setting the X Array Name from arc_length to Points_X


I’m glad you found a solution to your problem. I just wanted to note that it appears that any value outside of the valid domain appears to be set to 0. If possible, you might consider changing values outside of the valid domain to NaN. If your values were NaN, then the PlotOverLine would automatically remove them and not plot the erroneous values you are pointing out. It could also avoid other confusing issues and scaling problems that might arise.

Thanks Kenneth, I would consider that.

It is wired. I was able to solve this long time ago. Today I meet this again, but “set the X Array Name from arc_length to Points_X” does not fix. Could someone help? I have attached the source file and the pictures.

peacock_run_exe_tmp_1D_transient_soret_effect_ArrheniusD_out.e (92.0 KB)

@utkarsh.ayachit, I’m going to shoot this over to you. I think the easiest thing to do in this case should be to replace the 0’s in the arrays with NaN’s, but I can’t find a straightforward way to do that.

This is the output result from the simulation, I haven’t found a way to put NaN rather than 0 in the variable.

Attached is a state-file.pvsm (95.2 KB) for ParaView 5.6.

Here’s what I get for the last timestep:

Here’s an updated version using x coordinate for X axis instead of T

state-file-2.pvsm (97.4 KB)

Attached a new state file, even simpler!

state-file-3.pvsm (95.0 KB)

Thanks. I was using PlotOverLine filter, that cause the problem.

Now I use PlotData filter, and check all blocks, and uncheck Use Index For XAxis. Then I fix this.

Thanks for your instructions!