I made a cad model in free cad, and generated simulation data in a separate software. It is possible to merge the data into the cad model in paraview?

So i ran some simulation for a certain geometry. I modelled the geometry separately in freecad, now i’m wondering if i can put the data on top of model in paraview?

Which software did you use for the simulation ? What kind of visualization do you want to achieve ? FEA results are displayed on the mesh but its edges can be hidden, leaving only outlines. With proper mesh density, this gives an impression that the results are displayed on the CAD geometry.

You should be able to do that. Just load both sets of data into paraview.

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

I have data from scale simulations, its some nuclear-licensed tool. The data i have is of flux, and it is point data in x,y,z direction of 81 by 81 by 25. I basically made the reactor model of that simulation in free cad and now i want to basically embed it with the data and then use that

Check this thread: Interpolating values onto a different mesh?

You will need a mesh for your FreeCAD model.

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That looks like exactly what i need to do, thank you. Hopefully, I can throw it on.

Im having slight error when i follow that method. I get picture one for my flux, but picture 2 is my point cloud of data.


picture 1 is data cloud and pic 2 is mesh. It’s not really going in