Interpolating values onto a different mesh?

Hi all,

I have a csv dataset with pressure data at each point. I’m looking to transfer these results to a new mesh by means of interpolation. The current data I have looks like this:

The mesh I am trying to interpolate values to:

My questions are:

  • If possible how can you do this?
  • What if the domain doesn’t fit the volume? E.g. the new mesh does not overlap perfectly on the point cloud data
  • Can this be done in a batch-style method, automatically with python for instance? I’d like to interpolate my CFD results onto multiple meshes.

Thank you.

I think I solved this issue.

  1. Convert data to point cloud with filter TableToPoints (set x y z and keep all arrays)
  2. Use PointVolumeInterpolator fitler to calculate volume from the new points. Make the bounds a bit bigger so the new mesh fits inside.
  3. Use ResampleWithDataset filter, and set the input as PointvolumeInterpolator and the source to be the new target mesh.

The values should now be interpolated onto the new mesh.

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Now ,I want to convert adaptive mesh to to uniform mesh, what can I do this with paraview?