I want to get Uniform Rectilinear Grid

At line “press control and click on your dataset to select both” does the dataset mean the first csv file?

In my case the filter AppendAttributes has the same output as PointDataToCellData

Or maybe I use wrong way for my case. Can you please help me?
I have csv file with coordinates of cells of cube and with one scalar data for each cell. That is I want to get Uniform Rectilinear Grid (my coordinates are evenly spaced in all directions) with cell attributes.

Please provide a csv file example

cube1.csv (25.6 KB)
I realized that I wasn’t correct - the first 3 columns are not the coordinates of cells of cube, they are the serial number of cells of cube. But I think it is okay to accept they the same things because the coordinates are evenly spaced in all directions and it will not affect on solution of my task.

Open your file then use TableToStructuredGrid filter.

In this case I get Structured Curvilinear Grid, with fewer points and cells than I need so I can’t apply a solver for my task to this grid.
Shape of my cube is (16,12,10), that is I have 161210=1920 cells and 171311=2431 points of cube. But TableToPoints and TableToStructuredGrid filters can give me only (15,11,9) bounds.

Then you need to create your dataset yourself using a ProgrammableFilter.

Okay. I have already started to change my data at another program but I was hoping that there is a solution to input cell attributes directly. So thank you for your answers!

Have you thought of just using a rectilinear grid VTK file format? An example is here: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues/20622