Supplementing cells data with an additional column with the user values

I imported the model into Paraview from another program (it is structural finite element model, which is represented by an unstructured grid), so I have cells and points data.
Please help how to supplement cells data with a column with the external user data (as if adding a column in Excel). I can represent the external data in any way, for example, a csv file, so that each cell corresponds to a value. I need it in order to plot the distribution of user values on the mesh

  • Export your data from your software to a .csv
  • Open your .csv in ParaView
  • Add a TableToPoints filter et check the “Keep All Arrays”, Apply
  • Add a Tetrahedralize filter, Apply
  • Add a PointDataToCellData filter, Apply
  • Click on the PointDataToCellData, press control and click on your dataset to select both
  • Add an AppendAttributes filter, Apply

Many thanks for the help!
This solution works without any additions.

The question remained, is it possible to render (using a surface by analogy with stresses, deformations, velocities) this user data on an unstructured grid (assuming the number of user values exactly matches the number of cells)? This question moved to a new topic Render user data on an unstructured grid

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