Idea : online visualisation with scientific papers

Hello there,
Not sure this is the right place but something came to my mind while reading a CFD paper where the geometry is quite convoluted and 3D.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if one were able to share, in a scientific paper, a permalink to a page were one could visualise in 3D a Paraview “instantaneous view” so that 2D figures come to life ?
I am not talking about an “online Paraview” server, just a 3D engine from a light Paraview export.
I have no idea of the feasibility but I truly believe this could be a game-changer in terms of scientific visualization, especially in the field of CFD. Imagine you are reading the online version of a paper, which is what occurs now most of the time, and you just click on the figure and suddenly you can explore more precisely the geometry ! :slight_smile:

Do you mean Glance ? :slight_smile:

@jourdain @Julien_Finet

You can create a web export (vtkjs) from ParaView which can then be viewed by Glance. You can host your data/export on your server and let Glance pick it up from the URL, or you can even host both on your server.

Here is a tutorial to export your scene to vtkjs/glance.