import tecplot data from Autodesk CFD

HI everybody.I am not experieced in Paraview, but i would like to know if there is a simple way to import tecplot data, which has been exported from Autodesk CFD.

I basically need to work on the visualisation quality of my CFD simulation, to do that i have been told that paraview can export simulation results (particle traces) in a 3d Format for another 3d software.

I would like to import the tecplot file, prepare the data and export the particle traces in a any format that can be later used in a 3d file.

this is what i got from my simulation, not sure about which passages i need to perform as soon as I open the geometry.

thanks for any help

Well, from there you can just press apply to load your results.

HI thanks for the reply,
not sure what i have to do next, but this is what i got next as I press apply, not much is showing up:

Looks like you imported your data.

You just need to work on the rest. Probably the stream tracer ?