Importing Ansys Fluent results to Paraview

I’m new to the paraview application I don’t know how to import the results from my Ansys fluent. I don;t know which file format Paraview will support? Pls some give me suggestion to import the results from Ansys to Paraview with correct file format…!!!
thanks in advance…!!!

Hi Amalesh:
From fluent try to save the files in CGNS format.

Then try to read in ParaView

The best way is to export to ensight-gold format.

I tried with both the ways its says the file format doesn’t support. Does any other option are available?

I’m currently working on post-processing Fluent solutions on Paraview and ensight-gold format works well.

Dear roberto,
My case was transient simulation. Before knowing paraview, I saved all the file in the CFD post compatible format. If I’m trying to convert it into a ansys Ensight format but only the last time step was converted into ensight format. But still I can’t get the results. When I import the ensight format in paraview it’s show errors. What can I do now? Or I’m doing anything wrong. Pls help me.

Please show the journal file to convert to Ensight-gold format to see if I can help you.
Also you have to post errors you get in paraview to get help.
Please don’t be vague.