Improve your Day To Day workflow with ParaView: a free Kitware Webinar

You probably already know ParaView for its analysis and visualization capabilities. But do you know its quality-of-life features?

During this webinar, we will see how to improve your day-to-day experience with ParaView.

Based on a simple CFD data analysis, we will discover how to speed up the pipeline creation, reuse this pipeline for new input data and generate consistent output.

During this up to 30 minutes session, you will be able to follow our explanations and hands-on demonstrations. You will also be able to interact with the presenter via the chat to ask questions or precisions.

It will happen on June 26 2024, 9:30am CET.

Please join us at: Adapt ParaView to your day-to-day workflow

Data provided by IT4I


Video is available here: Adapt ParaView to your day-to-day workflow on Vimeo