Improvements to orientation axis

Allow orientation axis “box” to float off-page

Note in the image below that the model obscures the “X” and “Z” text of the orientation axis. In general, it would be nice if I could move the orientation axis further left and down into the corner so as not to overlap with a model I’m rendering.

ParaView allows the user to move a colorbar “off-screen”:


and so it seems like it should be possible for the orientation axis as well.

Allow specifying thickness of axis lines

Especially with the use of a yellow axis line, it can be hard to see the arrow when against a white background – which I feel is a fairly common background color. It would be nice if, similarly to specifying line widths for rendered edges we could specify line widths for the orientation axis. Then it may be a bit more visible.

For example, notice how much more legible this axis is (constructed manually with AxesGlyph + Text + Text sources) with the same yellow color but thicker lines:

Also, notice how this demonstrates the effect of having moved the axis “off-screen” (or at least its interactive box is partially off-screen).

Support user-specified colors

Similar to the above image, I often prefer an all-black axis – especially when making figures that need to be legible when printed in grayscale:

But maybe I want to specify unique colors for each axis. Would be nice to have.

Hi @GregVernon ,

Some improvements already are in the master branch and will be part of 5.12 release !

This includes:

  • coloration per axis
  • visibility per axis
  • a new interactive widget (Camera Orientation Widget). It comes in addition (not replacement) to the existing one.

Note that you already can scale the widget in interactive mode.

Still missing:

  • “offscreen” position
  • thickness
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