Info about general features of ParaView

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I have a few questions about PataView:
1-Is it possible to customize the min/max stress values displayed on the legend? If yes, how?
2-Is it possible to export the node stress of a certain analysis from ParaView?
3-Is it possible to know the stress of a certain point by clicking on it? A sort of query tool.

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Use the “Rescale to Custom Data Range” button from the top toolbar for this purpose.

If you want to export all stress values to a text file or spreadsheet, use File → Save Data, specify the name and choose the “Comma or Tab Delimited Files” type, then check “Choose Arrays To Write” and select the variables that you want to export.

Check this thread: Probing only selected (custom) field at a point

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Thank you. About the point No.2, is it possible to change the unit of measurement of the stress from Pa to MPa? It feels weird looking at values of “2.5e+8” without any explicit unit of measurement.

Where is the data coming from? If you build your model with the lengths in mm and the loads in N your stresses (results) will be in MPa.

You can use the Calculator filter to convert the results to different units.

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I convert the file .frd by FreeCad into .vtk. The .frd file has N and MPa, but I dont know if in .vtk they are modified. I think it is converted into Pa beacuse of the different exponential notation 2e+3 in .frd vs 2e+8 in .vtk. I don’t think that the data are corrupted.

There is no concept of units in VTK/ParaView. the data are displayed in the unit that the data is.

Now I understand, thanks.

This behavior of FreeCAD is known and related to the fact that its new versions use SI(m) units for FEM results: FreeCAD 0.20.1 vtk result export may have units conversion problem - FreeCAD Forum

You can use other converters from .frd to .vtk if you want to avoid this behavior.

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I noticed that the exported file is not so clear. It cannot be correctly imported in excel beacuse it’s like they are all in the same cell. I have the same issue if opened with notepad.

Excel has quite a lot of options for data import. You can set the delimiter, among the others. Also, both Excel and text editors (including Notepad) can replace text in the whole document so you can change dots to commas, remove spaces and so on.

And make sure that you are exporting to .csv instead of .txt.

I exported the .csv file, but what I see is not so clear. I activated the option ‘‘meta data’’ on ParaView. But what does point 0,1,2 mean? Are they point coordinates?

Yes, it’s von Mises stress followed by nodal coordinates.