InsideOut and plot ?

@mwestphal sir - What does this option do in a cylindrical slice? how do we get binned data on a plot?

I have no idea what you mean and what I am seeing here.

@mwestphal sir. I will try to explain:

  1. I imported a post .h5 file from Converge Solver
  2. i created a slice, changed it from Plane to Cylinder. Defined the origin and direction and radius of the cylinder.
  3. Once i change the slice config from Plane to Cylinder, I see the table as seen in image above.
  4. what does that table do sir? Can i see the binned data at the defined intervals in some spreadsheet?

That table is a list of radial offsets at which a cylindrical cut should be made. I don’t know how you populated it with those numbers - it will only be populated if you put numbers in there. If you just want a single cylinder, leave this table empty and you will get one where the widget that represents the cylinder shape is located.

I’m not sure what you mean by “binned data” here and how it relates to the Cylinder slice. Could you elaborate please?