integrate paraview exe in a dockable window using api in c#

i would like to integrate the paraview exe and host it inside my dockable window with c#.
I did some research, i found that i have to download the code source and build it in order to get the ParaViewCore and ParaviewGlance libraries (please correct to me if that’s wrong ) to use them later in the interop with c# .
i did downlod the paraview code source and build it using CMake but i couldn’t find the ParaviewCore neither the ParaviewGlance modules.
what should i do !! is those are the correct dlls to use them later in my c# project to host the paraview in my dockable window !
i really appreciate your helps .

ParaViewCore and ParaviewGlance

I’m not sure to follow how this could be related to ParaViewCore (an internal module of ParaView) or Glance (a web project unrelated to ParaView except by name)

ParaView window is QWindow, so you probably want to create your own custom app and makes it talk with a C# application, eg like this: How to use QT C++ library in C# - Thecodeprogram

You can look at ParaView custom apps here:

thank you for your response.
but i would like to embed the whole paraview exe inside my dockable window (implemented using c#) using api and not creating my own custom app

I do not think this is possible, I’m not a C# dev though.

sorry but i mean the paraview controls handle inside the window not the paraview exe itself