"Intel SandyBridge based system" error

After I launch Paraview 5.6.1 on my Lenovo G770 laptop with Win7 x64 Ultimate, I see a blank program window with an output window with a list of errors (see screenshot), lead by “We have determined that your graphics system is an Intel SandyBridge based system. These systems only partially support VTK… update your drivers, etc”. How to solve the problem?
My video cards are AMD Radeon 6600M (integrated) and Intel HD Graphics 3000 (discrete)

Intel HD Graphics 3000 should be supported, for some reasons the detection code is not working.

Is your computer up to date ?
Can you try to run ParaView with with your AMD Radeon GPU instead ?

All of my video drivers are up to date. The system also has all the updates installed.
I don’t think I can choose a certain GPU for a program, but it seems like my laptop’s monitor uses integrated AMD card by default, not Intel.

I’m having the same (?) problem using the latest Paraview, 5.10.1. I just get a blank white screen when starting paraview:

Barebone vtk apps, using just a console window shows the error above, regarding the SandyBridge system issue. The OpenGL version on the system is 3.1