mapping scalar data to unstructured mesh

I have a 2D CFD simulation on an unstructured grid with 47472 nodes. I exported x,y coordinates, Point ID(node numbers) to a “.csv” file. So I have 47472x3 data. I added a 4th column to this data that is coming from an external source.

My question is how can I map that 4th column to my original mesh so that I can visualize it. I read many stuff about table to points, table to structured grid filters but no luck. My apologies if my question is repetition, I would really appreciate any help. I attached my csv file in this post.

vx_data.csv (1.8 MB)


For mapping external point data to an unstructured mesh, I typically use the Point Dataset Interpolator filter as follows:

  1. read in a csv file (vx_data.csvpost) and store it in ParaView’s table data
  2. apply Table To Point filter to create point cloud data from the table data
  3. load the unstructured mesh used in the CFD simulation into ParaView (*.vtp format, etc.)
  4. finally, apply the Point Dataset Interpolator filter
    Input : TableToPoint
    Source: origina_mesh

Thank you so much @Kenichiro-Yoshimi! This is exactly what I wanted, cheers!