Material Editor with remove server

I recently started rendering my results with paraview and everything was working fine using serial execution without remote connection. However, now I want work on my larger datasets with an MPI-enabled pvserver. Everything works as expected, except for the material editor.
There, I do receive the warning “Material Editor disabled because client is connected to a remote server”. As a result, I cannot load or assign materials and so far I couldn’t find a way to make this work.
Is there a way to still assign materials although a remote connection is used?

I am currently using the Paraview 5.12 MPI-enabled binaries on linux.

I’m afraid Material Editor does not supporting remove server yet.

However, you can still use materials, you just cant edit them.

FYI @Lucas_Givord

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Thank you for the fast reply!
That’s of course unfortunate. Is the support already planned for future releases?

I’m afraid this feature is not been funded yet. If this is something that interest you, do not hesitate to reach out:

Read more about our process here: How are features and bug fixes incorporated into ParaView?