MED format native support in ParaView

From a user voice request.

MED format is the output format of CODE_Aster, a fairly popular open source simulation code.

Currently, the only way to visualize MED file within ParaView requires to use ParaVis, a ParaView-based application within Salome, which contains the MEDReader plugin. Once opened with ParaVis, the mesh can then be saved as a .vtm to be able to be opened in standard ParaView.

Adding native support to MED file format in ParaView would be nice


While being able to open MED file in ParaView would indeed be nice, the format is very complex and not very well documented, so developping a new reader would require a fair amount of work.

Another approach would be to integrate the MEDReader plugin into the official plugins of ParaView.
The problem with this approach is that this plugin depends on the libmed which itself currently requires a full salome installation to be built. One would need to be able to build libmed and the MEDReader plugin idependantly.

@mwestphal Such a reader exists in aeva: here. It requires HDF5 but nothing else AFAIK. There is also a writer.

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Wow, nice !

Any news or plans to implement the native support for MED? It would be great to see that!

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