Multi-client setup

We are building a solution using paraview web with wslink, for remote visualization, and we need to allow multiple clients to visualize data concurrently.
I see from this old thread and this one that there was a multi-client mode but which was deprecated?
So what is the recommended setup for having multiple users, if I understand well, it implies running a pvserver instance by user? Or is there a way about sharing an instance for multiple users?

Thanks in advance!

So the multi-clients support mention in your links are for the Qt client, not the ParaView Web approach. For ParaView Web, we rely on a docker that provide a launcher and routing infrastructure to run many concurrent processes on a single machine/docker-image.

The original documentation explaining such setup can be found here. We created several images ready that was bundling ParaView 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8.

Since then we created trame which sits on top of ParaView Web for creating viz apps faster and simpler. For that new framework we revisited those base docker images to support such deployment. They are now hosted under trame as they don’t bundle ParaView or anything in them which makes them more future proof.

Yet you should still be able to use them for your application. You can see an example on what we did for our new Visualizer that is trame based.

Unfortunately we are still in the process of creating infrastructure and documentation which means it might be tricky to navigate through that tech right now as it is currently changing/getting-updated. Maybe, it might be worth to reach out to us for support so we can better help you.



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Hi Sebastien,
Thank you for your answer. It might indeed be worth using Trame then.
But I will actually contact you through support, as I have other questions, to get some help navigating the technical alternatives to answer our use case.

Best regards,

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