Need Help Extracting Streamline Data in ParaView

Hello everyone,

I’m currently facing an issue while attempting to extract streamline data in ParaView. Typically, I would use the point cloud feature of the stream tracer and reduce the radius to isolate a streamline. However, I’ve encountered a problem – this feature doesn’t seem to work for me (only the line option works). I’m curious if this could be attributed to my setup being in 2D.

Additionally, I’ve been trying to implement the technique demonstrated in this video ( for creating evenly spaced streamlines. Unfortunately, I’ve been unsuccessful so far. It’s worth noting that the configuration in the video represents a 2D solution, but in OpenFoam, we typically work with 3D geometries. The way the mesh is constructed usually informs the solver whether it’s handling a 3D, 2D, or even a 1D solution. However, this is not the case with the in-house software that I am currently working with. It necessitates a 2D configuration, as illustrated in the screenshots below.

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Here below some screenshots of my test case are attached:

Hi, you may use slice filter to get one 2d data from 3d OpenFoam data. Besides, there is a plugin called StreamlineRepresentation (, which might help you a lot to get stream line (evenly distributed seeds) quickly.

Thank you for your response. I already have this package loaded. However, the issue is how to isolate a streamline to retrieve its data afterward. I know how to create streamlines using the Line seed type. Still, to select the data, I first need to isolate the specific streamline.

Not sure about the decent solution, here is one related question fyi ([Paraview] Is it possible to extract the coordinate of every points on a single streamline and do that for every single streamline?)

Hi, I explored it a little bit and get results like this:

1> I first execute the stream tracer filter and get output, this is a program based on cpp, maybe it easier to use python to do that. In fact, executing stream tracer filter through the paraview interface can also get similar output. It is unnecessary to use extra program to do that.

2> There is a cell field called SeedIds in the output dataset, when using the vtk finder view, we can select specific streamline as needed.

3> After extracting selected results, we can get dedicated results, maybe we can output these points coordinates for subsequent analysis.

Thank you so much. Your answer provides the perfect solution to my question :slight_smile:

Thanks, glad it helps!