NetCDF Date and Time Python Filter

Hi all,
I wrote a user-friendly Python filter that adds date (DD/MM/YYYY) and time (hours:min::sec) to NetCDF files, that is easily loaded via the Plugin Manager in a single step.
I put the filter on GitHub with instructions and example files:

The filter uses the netcdf4-python module, which you can easily install via Anaconda:
conda install -c anaconda netcdf4 (Netcdf4 :: )

This filter is based on an older Python script I wrote, but it’s a lot more user-friendly.
To get an image how the result looks, the old script can be seen in action in this 2016 video: Particles simulation of North Atlantic salinity at 20m depth - YouTube or in this 2018 one: A tropical-like cyclone in the Mediterranean Sea - YouTube where the date is in the lower left corner.

Should this be useful, my conda and ParaView configuration (on Windows10):

  1. I installed first ParaView 5.8.1 (which works with Python3.7)
  2. In the Anaconda prompt(console), I created a Python3.7 environment in conda:
    conda create --name PYTHON37 python=3.7
    2A. Then the env. has to be activated:
    conda activate PYTHON37
    2B. Install netcdf4-python in this environment:
    conda install -c anaconda netcdf4
    2C. Point the system to your conda paths:
    set PYTHONHOME=C:\your_path\anaconda3\envs\PYTHON37
    set PYTHONPATH=C:\your_path\anaconda3\envs\PYTHON37\Lib
  3. And finally start ParaView in this same conda prompt:
  4. And if you wish to use the NetCDF_DateAndTime filter, follow the steps form the Instructions pdf on Github - it’s just a few mouse clicks
    Repeat then step 2A,2C and 3 whenever you start ParaView

(I also added this in a reply on the ParaView Support forum, but thought it might be useful as a tip as well)