new Legend Grid Annotation option checkbox to align which axes in model space correspond to screen space

Playing with the Legend Grid Annotation it seems to track screen space vertical to model space y and screen space horizontal to model space x with a view direction of negative z. It would to have a check box that allows which screen space axes correspond to model space by observing calls to “set view direction”. Also if there is a way to specify a custom view direction with by specifying a normal vector for the Legend Grid Annotation along with a button to interactively lock the screen space axes to the current normal of a rotate viewport along with some indicator if the current viewport view direction is perfectly orthogonal to the active vertical and horizontal screen space legend grid.


Thanks for reporting!

This is actually already fixed in the development branch: the Legend Grid now automatically detects the correct orientation (when the normal is one of the main scene axis). edit: when the screen plane is defined by 2 of the axes plane, the focal direction being the 3rd axis.

Also note that the best context to use the Legend Grid is:

  • Camera Parallel Projection to on
  • Camera aligned with main axis
  • RenderView interaction mode to 2D

Also, the default precision on the axes ticks seems to round to 1 significant digit and tick will read for example 0.10 until its closer to 0.20 and switch over, I would prefer continuous update at higher precision 0.11, 0.12, … etc… as the view is panned. And perhaps a way to manually choose how the tick numbers are formatted.

Ideally the tick location, format, and movement logic for Legend Grid Annotation would work more like vtkChartXY where the tick for 0.1 itself moves rather than staying still and changing value.

We are currently doing some development to improve this!

This is mostly done on the VTK side and will be available in ParaView probably in the next release (and in the nightly distribution soon after the VTK integration).